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There may be numerous associations that claim to be one of the best Katy fence companies in the area, but you can always turn to us for professional fence building services, as well as many additional fence repairs. When selecting a skilled Katy fencing contractor, both high-quality services and a reliable reputation are crucial factors to consider. Here at Katy Fence Company, we take pride in having both, so we’re the most outstanding fence company Katy TX residents love to choose for their home improvement project. We’re a fence company contractor that is big enough to provide services around the greater metro area, but still small enough to care enough for our customers to guarantee the best outcomes. Since our execution of the highest quality services that have helped us maintain our brand image for many years now, we have become the most trusted experts in all types of fencing services. Because we understand the level of importance for needing an excellent fence for a home or business, we’ve worked with multiple homeowners and business owners who want the most durable fencing for their facilities. We make utmost protection possible for any property through our professional Katy fence services.

Fence Company Katy TX

Since we offer all types of fence repairs for both commercial and residential owners, you can give us a call if you’re having issues with your existing fences, and we’ll send a prepared team to complete your uniquely designed fence repair. As we know, severe weather causes your fencing to deteriorate over time. Not to mention, rainfall, strong winds, snowstorms, and even salty air can speed up your fence’s degradation, which can make some parts of the fencing break entirely. In some cases, not only could a vehicle or heavy equipment hit your fencing and cause severe damage, but vandalism could even diminish the value of the fence’s overall appeal, or insect infestation could also create enough reason for fencing repairs. If any of these problems have caused deterioration of your fencing, then take action and contact us today. We’ll be there to help and provide a reliable Katy fence repair.

Depending on your fence’s condition, we’ll implement different suitable solutions for your fence. It would be best if you had your fence repaired by a trusted Katy fence company that not only has the knowledge, but is also fully equipped with high-technology systems and services, like us. Altogether, we’ll maintain the stability and integrity of your fence, as we return it back to its perfect shape and appearance. If you don’t have your fencing repaired immediately, it can lead to more severe damage, which will be more difficult and costly to fix. Rot, dampness, and decay will lead to making your fence completely useless, so make sure to call us as soon as possible for our fence repair services to quickly resolve all of your problems.

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We provide the best services to protect the aesthetics of your fence with our qualified fence repair Katy TX homeowners love. When you have a regular check-up and maintenance procedure for your fencing to fix or prevent any significant damages, you’ll definitely keep your fence in good shape! However, regardless of maintenance, there may still be times when your fencing can still incur natural dampness caused by the weather, resulting in a downslide for your fence. When this happens, give us a call to install some Katy fencing braces or tension rods immediately. Your expert Katy fence repair can save your fencing from sagging more.

Repairs are necessary if some parts on your maverick fence of Katy have started wearing out or breaking. Our reliable fence experts will first assess and evaluate your fence condition before anything else. We’ll measure the scale of damages and advise you if it’s in need of either a repair or a total fence replacement. We’ll check all of the details through our repair checklist, and if some parts on your wooden fence have started to rot, we can replace the rotten slats, pickets, and posts. However, if the damage of the wooden boards is more than 20%, then it’s best to replace everything else with new ones. As for your chain link fence, if 15% of the entire structure has rusted due to weather and time, then it would be best for you to hire us to accurately assess your fence. Because rust spreads fast and can affect all chain links, it would be a smarter and more economical decision to have them replaced altogether. If you have vinyl fences, we can replace the damaged areas without disrupting the integrity of your entire maverick fence of Katy. Give us a call today, and we’ll start assessing damages to your fencing and offer the best solutions.


If you’re interested in utilizing our selections for an amazing wooden fence Katy TX locals admire, we typically have them available in three kinds of wood: cedar, pine, and redwood. Our woods have a distinct quality level, and we can provide you with premium designs and outcomes that are specifically suited to your unique taste. So, get ready to enhance your yard with our beautiful and elegant wooden fence materials. Because we’ll install 4×4 posts to attach to strong concrete with rails, galvanized nails, and hardware, you can depend on us to guarantee the durability of your new fence. Once we install your wooden fence, we promise that it’ll be sturdy and last for many years. We also have different heights available for your fencing, and you can find one that is best suitable for your needs and desires for the ideal pool fence Katy TX residents have grown to love. If you want to have an optional rot board, or have it designed as a neighbor-to-neighbor shared fence, we can also make it happen. Additionally, our services also include drive gates and service gates as one of our other fencing products, too.

As they give you a sense of a traditional, yet sophisticated, feel, while offering quality protection and privacy, our wooden fence materials are the best option for your properties. One of the best features of having wooden fences is the low-cost maintenance requirement, while also getting that timeless look for your home, as well as a peace of mind in knowing that your family is safe and well-protected through our wooden fences. We promise to live up to our mission of installing only the most qualified and sturdy kinds of wooden fences. Talk to us today about your fence installations, as our specialists are ready to help you with all of your needs.


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While considering the need for your yard to have strong protection, you should also consider the design and style of your fence. Because our team is well-versed in the latest fencing designs, we’re one of the industry leaders amongst the many Katy fence companies who creates new building methods and materials, while continuously maintaining the fencing standard all over Katy. With decades of experience, we’ve handled many projects all over Katy, Texas, allowing us to build strong relationships with our loyal clients. As we focus on ensuring customer satisfaction for all of our residential and commercial owners customers, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years. Our services are never compromised because the quality of our work supports our ongoing positive reputation. We supply different fence styles like wood, chain links, and decorative irons, and we’ll provide professional advice as to which fence is fit for your home. We also offer wrought iron fence Katy TX homeowners appreciate, so whichever fence material you’re planning for your pool fence, we have a wide variety of selections ready for you. You can come to our on-site office for us to show you the brochures and sample projects, just as we did for our other clients. If you have any concerns, let us know so we can discuss them as well.

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Since we specialize in creating eye-catching fences, so contact us for our unique, stylish, and elegant Katy fence designs, let us help you establish an impressive plan that’ll improve your home’s curb appeal. If you have any particular fence design that you wish for us to imitate, let us know, and we’ll work to find something that is best for you. You can freely approach our fence specialists, and they can show you many style options, as we take care of everything and only use premium materials. Give us a call today, and let’s start building your preferred fencing for your dream home. Your gates’ fencing deserves nothing but the best design and materials.

If your Katy fences have some damaged or broken parts, let our well-trained inspector evaluate them, as they’re skilled at providing the best solutions for any fencing problem. If your wrought iron fence Katy TX people want to restore has broken slats, sagging posts, crooked gates, broken latches, or any other issues, our repairmen will fix them. Because we employ only the experts who are passionate and committed to their craft, they are responsible for keeping your fence looking its best. All of our professional fence installers and maintenance specialists are licensed, insured, and regularly screened by relevant supervisors. They consistently undergo training for fencing industry standards, so you can confidently depend on us for your entire fence project. Not to mention, we also offer flexible payment modes for our financing options, and all of our rates are affordable for your needs. Contact us today so you can have your free estimate. As soon as you’re ready, we will start your project and provide you with your desired outcome in no time.

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