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If you are looking for the most reliable installers to provide you with the highest quality pool fence Katy TX residents love, Katy Fence Company will serve you best! We’re ready to give your swimming pool the best Katy fence it can ever have. Whether the swimming pool is at your home or your business establishment, we know how important it is to have it fenced. There are many reasons this is necessary, with one major reason being that many families opt for this to prevent any pool accidents. Of course, pools can be fun, but without the right fence, it can be a place where unfortunate incidents are more prone to happen, causing injuries, or even drowning. Thus, it’s crucial to have a pool fence, especially since children are the first ones who need to be blocked from going near the pool when unsupervised. A trusted Katy fence for the pool is an effective restriction that’ll keep everyone in your home or property safe.

Keep your peace of mind by having safe pool fences installed by a trusted fence company Katy TX homeowners appreciate. To avoid accidents, owners should prioritize and comply with safety regulations if they have a pool on their property. These are the rules set out for home pools:

  • Pool fences should have narrow gaps so that toddlers can’t fit right through them.
  • Pool fences shouldn’t have any climbing footholds.
  • Pool fences should be sturdy and rigid enough so that kids cannot break through or damage the gap bar or mesh materials.
  • Pool fences should be at least 1.2 meters high and shouldn’t have more than 100 mm ground clearance.
  • Pool fences should be designed with high-quality materials and welded strong enough to survive heavy knocks and pressure.

As these rules are established for owners to follow, we’re here to ensure that all of these requirements are met when you hire us as your credible fence company. To avoid the possibility of giving unsupervised children access to the pool, state Health and Safety Regulation recommends the use of compliant barriers to pool owners. Once we begin your pool fencing project, we’ll take care of any necessary requirements so that you can have a safe pool time with your kids and guests.

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A pool fence serves as a lifesaver and will prevent many dangerous situations, it’s a must-have! Talk to us today so we can start planning the steps and procedure for your pool fence. When you hire us, we’ll provide you with fencing made of reliable materials to guarantee long-lasting protection. By doing so, your pool will be a safe and enjoyable place to hang out for both your kids and guests. Because we ensure that the materials we use won’t demand a lot of maintenance, you don’t have to worry about working more than necessary to keep it in excellent condition.

As we create our work according to your pool shapes, designs, patio, and lawn areas, you can expect our craftsmen to install your pool fences professionally. With our many years of experience with installing pool fences all over the state, you can depend on us to install your home pool fence successfully. We guarantee that you and your family will have a lot of fun soaking underwater with a peace of mind in knowing that your safety is guaranteed with our installation of your pool fence. If you have any specific design that you want for your fencing, we’ll make it happen. We use our best fence materials like mesh, fence sleeves, caps, and latches, which are all intended to last a long time so that you’ll have high-quality fence components. You don’t need to worry and stress over damage to your fencing because our materials and installation methods are installed using exceptional materials. Give us a call today, and we’ll let you know about your fence options that’ll make your swimming pool as safe as possible.